We would like to invite you to take part in a virtual walk around our ECO-ETHNO FASHION exhibition, consisting of several parts.There are, among others, “Striped clothes in contemporary fashion” and “Slavic inspirations“, reproductions of projects entitled“Through streets of the world” or Chinese cut-outs.

The first one consists of reproductions of the designs of the “Through streets of the world” fashion collection – prepared by DEBIUT Fashion Theatre from the ZMINA Center in Ukraine.Young artists, inspired by the cultures of different nations of the world have designed 14 costumes in which we can find symbols characteristic of Japan, China, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Italy, the Netherlands, France and Poland.Have a look at the exhibition if you want to know the symbols of our country.

There is also a collection of costumes prepared by the participants of the Design Studio from Julian Tuwim Youth Centre (teacher: Małgorzata Gara) together with young designers from the Design Club of the Lodz University of Technology and from the Fashion Industry School in Lodz. The “Striped clothes in contemporary fashion” collection was inspired by traditional folk striped uniforms from various regions of Poland. The costumes presented at the exhibition are an interpretation of the very popular characteristic striped patterns. The colours used here refer to the colours of traditional striped uniforms from such regions and cities as: Łowicz, Sieradz, Opoczno, Podlasie and Kurpie. There is also classic black and white. Contrary to traditional skirts made of heavy wool, the outfits from the presented collection are made of light, mainly natural fabrics that we like wearing, especially in the summer.

Another exhibition takes us to China, where the artist Sun Dandan comes from. She presents reproductions of her cutouts.They refer to the Jintan cut-out, traditional Chinese art that has been included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list.Sun Danadan has been working with cut-outs for many years.She was our guest in 2015 during the festival.At that time, she presented an original collection of her cut-outs inspired by traditional Chinese art.


“Slavic inspirations” collection is the last one presented at the exhibition. Inspired by Slavic mythology and culture, young artists from the Sculpture and Craft Studio from Julian Tuwim Youth Centre (teacher: Marta Rolicz) prepared 7 costumes. The collection is made of natural fabrics and natural material: sticks, grass, twigs and cones. It opens with an outfit inspired by Marzanna – known as a symbol of winter. The next one, Jaryła-the god of youth appeared when winter was over. Then we have a Slavic nymph – Rusalka, who (as our ancestors believed), danced on the banks of rivers and lakes in the spring. Another costume refers to Dziewanna – a goddess of forests and hunters, who was especially active during spring. Then, we can admire an outfit inspired by Południca – a Slavic demon hunting in summer for those who were in the field at noon. Mokosz – the goddess of fertility, guardian of women and children, often treated as the Slavic Mother Earth is seen next. The collection closes with an outfit inspired by Rodzanica – the Slavic goddess of fate. The costumes were created during the implementation of a Polish-Ukrainian educational and cultural project co-financed by the Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council from a grant from the Ministry of National Education.

We can also admire multimedia part of our exhibition.On the large screen you can see the DEBIUT Fashion Theatre and its collection “Slavic inspirations”. Have a look at the on-line vernissage of a collection of costumes inspired by folk and ethnic traditions.