On Saturday, on the second day of the festival, in a truly summer atmosphere, our participants attempted to “FALL IN LOVE WITH ŁÓDŹ”. The group from Ełk and Grajewo walked with a guide, discovering the mysterious corners of our city and getting to know the famous “Pietryna”, while looking for traces of Łódź multiculturalism.

One of the routes also featured a beautiful Orthodox Church and the New Centre of Łódź, while the other ended with a visit to the estate of Izrael Poznański, i.e. the famous Manufaktura. Some could also prove themselves in guessing the terms characteristic of city dwellers, i.e. Lodzianisms. Now the trambambula, angielka or migawka will no longer be a secret …

Terms that are associated with Łódź were also explained, such as: the city of weavers, the city of 4 cultures, kominogród, or the creative city and the city of film.

IMG_20200822_121504[1]IMG_20200822_114834[1]kocham łódź