Folklore in fashion is becoming more and more popular and  allows artists to get inspired by their roots – tradition and culture. It combines colours, patterns, materials and design with contemporary fashion, giving it a unique character. We are delighted that the FOLK INSPIRATIONS festival has been creating an ideal environment for young artists to experiment with folk in fashion.

We would like to invite you to a virtual show of a collection of costumes inspired by folk and ethnic patterns. Among the presented collections you will be able to admire:

  • Striped clothes in contemporary fashion“prepared by the participants of the Design Studio from Julian Tuwim Youth Centre (teacher: Małgorzata Gara) together with young designers from the Design Club of the Lodz University of Technology and from the Fashion Industry School in Lodz.
  • “Slavic inspirations” collection prepared by young artists from the Sculpture and Craft Studio from Julian Tuwim Youth Centre (teacher: Marta Rolicz)
  • ”Awareness” collection by Sara Chrulenko;
  • Collection of clothes belonging to POLTEX Song and Dance Ensemble