We would like to happily inform you that our international folk festival in this difficult time for all of us will take place!

The tenth jubilee edition of the festival is organized in three parts from August to December 2020. Our diverse, intercultural festival programme, which consists of 20 projects, will be implemented  on: 21-23.08.2020; 9-11.10.2020; 4-6.12.2020.

Festival activities will take place both on a regular basis as well as virtually. Due to the epidemic we won’t be able to meet at the same time in the same place with participants from several countries around the world, as it used to be. This does not mean that we cannot  be together on days when the festival takes place on a regular basis for some and  virtually for others.

We have prepared festival events and “Golden Boat 2020″ competitions in various forms adapted to current sanitary requirements. During the concerts, we will connect via the Internet, post  reports and film reportages, and organize live streaming of selected events.

“Golden Boat 2020″ competitions in the categories: choreography, vocal, music, theatre, design, photo, video will be held in a virtual form for those of you who will not be able to come to us and on a regular basis for those who meet in Lodz. Please get familiar with the current regulations on www.folkoweinspiracje.pl During each part of the festival there will be real competitions for those participants who register to participate in the categories submitted for a given date. The virtual competition will take place from August to December 2020. During the edition in December there  will be a gala of giving out awards for participants who took part in virtual competitions. Winners of real competitions will be awarded during each of the three parts of the festival.

This year, we are planning to announce the “Golden Boat 2020″ competition in the category: the best promotion in the web. We are sure that those participants who will come to Lodz for the selected date of the festival will prepare interesting film material on their fanpages, blogs, websites and in social media. In December, we will summarize this project and give out awards.

We plan to have festival groups from 3 foreign countries and from Poland during each part
of the festival. Such organization will ensure safe conditions for participants according to the guidelines of the Polish sanitary services.